Carnival of HR

When Robin first let me know about the Carnival of HR a few years ago, I thought about how I could build my personal blog audience. I didn’t even consider the other writers. Yes, I know, pretty short-sighted. I am still a work in progress people!

Then I started reading these blog posts every month and realized how many great minds, ideas, and perspectives we have in this group. Every month I read the posts that are shared and get excited about learning from each other. I encourage each of you to set aside some time this weekend to read and reflect on the posts this month (and every month).

Want to think more about inclusive spaces in your office? Think outside the four walls with this post by HR Underground. Robin’s post will remind us all of the not so fun pieces of HR- which we have all had to deal with at some point.

I serve up some ideas on innovation through diversity. Enjoy!

Dorothy Dalton takes us through the change curve from culture fit to cultural value in her post. Great read for all the recruiters out there! And one of the keys is all about employee happiness.

Love the importance of data that Udemy highlights in their business case for learning post. We all need to think about data!

Have you met any of the HR Wonder Women being highlighted on the HR Social Hour? Now is your chance.

Globoforce gives us some great reminders of how to have a great coaching session in this post. It goes hand in hand with Saba’s blog around career development strategies. Still want more coaching tips? Here you go!

Prasad is making us think about HR from a linguistic perspective in this blog. All the HR words!

This next post is so timely as we are in the thick of conference season. Take care of yourself folks! And if you need some help letting go, here is some good advice.

Acacia HR Solutions has some great started training for small business leaders here.

One of my personal favorites this month is so important to all of us who are rolling out new programs/ tools/ tech. Quality Assurance! Staying in the tech lane, let’s chat about the scrum manager role.

And last but certainly not least, here is some great info for folks who have teams in New Jersey.

Thank you for all of the bloggers who shared great posts this month! Keep sharing so we can all keep learning!