I am finally doing it. I am making the leap to live out my dreams. After an extremely amazing 18 year career in corporate HR, I have finally decided to go all in on my consulting and coaching business. What you are about to see from me is going to seem like it happened overnight, but I have been building this for the past year weaving together the top strategies that I used in the corporate setting at companies like Target, GoDaddy, J.P. Morgan Chase and more to support the dreams and lifestyles of professionals like you.

If you are asking yourself, “Why would you leave your position at GoDaddy?” 1) You will not be the first person who has asked me that including my mother. 2) I would answer because it was time to live my passions.

I was happy at work. I had the opportunity to build out initiatives and policies that I truly believe in, I was working for one of the top tech companies, I was driving change. But even with all of this and all of the wonderful opportunities that it was bringing me- there was a pull inside of me to do MORE. This pull became stronger and stronger as friends, colleagues and leadership of other companies were coming to me for coaching in informal ways and I found myself leaving those happy hours, meetings, or calls feeling like it was absolutely what I was mean to do and the impact I was supposed to have. My entire career has been about human resources, but I was finally in touch with the reason I had been drawn into this field in the first place. It was about THE PEOPLE.

What I discovered from my work at GoDaddy, Target, and Chase, is that building an inclusive culture where folks can do great work and be rewarded for great performance is only partially based on policy.  But those policies mean nothing if you do not have the people to back them up in REAL TIME and in REAL WAYS.

As I stepped into the consulting & coaching space, I recognized that working with these PEOPLE– the PEOPLE who believe the change is possible, who are executives leading companies to build cultures that are amazing and whose products and services excel as a reflection of that– I got more and more excited about what this possibility could be.

Working with leaders like this, coaching them thru their challenges as they step out of old school paradigms and strive to express not just in words but in their behavior what inclusion and leadership looks like within cultures who may not quite be ready for it yet– I realize that I can take the work I have done in corporations and scale it to multiple companies, multiple community groups– okay, yes, to the world. As an intense corporate driver– I was able to do this for over 6,000 employees in one of the leading innovators in the world.  Now I am ready to do it for you.

There is an old saying– “Bar the Door” which refers to being prepared for anything that might be thrown at you . . . I decided to name my company– Bar the Door Consulting & Coaching…because well, Katee Bar the Door is me, Katee Van Horn. I am here to provide you with practical strategies that will make your organization excel in this fast paced and changing landscape and coach you as the leader of that organization to peak performance with PEOPLE.

With the recent news of so many companies in need of building more diverse and inclusive cultures, I am being highly selective in the executives and companies that I bring onto my three stage process.  If you would like to be part of this revolution, I would love to be your partner. If you know someone who would find value in working with me– LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN.

I am ready to create some serious change so let’s BAR THE DOOR together!