The data is clear, we know diverse teams deliver better bottom line results and team members who feel included want to stay. We help organizations design practical solutions for their particular inclusion, diversity, and belonging challenges- from building balanced teams to leveraging the differences of the team to drive innovation and retention. It’s about small tweaks to what you are already doing that make a huge impact. IDB is NOT about checking a box, it IS about moving to a more inclusive culture where everyone succeeds.

We work with your teams to truly understand the current state so we can create a tailored strategy. Together we will make small tweaks to the employee experience so everyone can do the best work of their lives and know their impact.

We help organizations become the best versions of themselves through:

Roundtables/ feedback sessions, demographic data, culture sessions. We want to understand the real story of where you are today. We will discover core cultural truths so you know what’s strong and what’s missing in your culture.

Data Gathering & Analysis

Strategy Building: Project-Based & Retained Services

Practical, accessible programs and processes that will create real impact. Even small tweaks can make a huge difference.

Retained services include: Helping you select IDB technologies, develop and run pilots, design custom training and webinar series among other things

Post strategy agreement, we support you in the implementation and execution of the strategy. We will measure all of our efforts and iterate as needed.



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