Spring has sprung and with it comes spring fever! The birds are chirping, and the flowers are starting to bloom. The snow has melted (hopefully) and folks want to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather-especially if it means you get to step away from your desk. Between spring training, St. Patrick’s Day, and other fun outdoor activities, we have some great ways to bond with our co-workers. These work sponsored bonding activities can seem relaxed, especially when alcohol is involved. It’s good to remember that these rendezvous are still work functions, so here are some tips for keeping the party going without an awkward call on Monday from HR:

Turn up! Show up to the party and have fun. It’s a great time to connect with co-workers in a more laid back setting and get to know people you might not interact with daily. If you skip out, you may feel a bit out of the loop once the work week rolls back around.

Work? What work? Keep conversations light and fun. It’s ok to chit-chat about the happenings around the office, but if you spend too much time talking about work (especially while enjoying some green brewskis) you may say things you wouldn’t normally bring up with your co-workers (i.e. don’t accidentally vent about your boss – you never know who’s listening and ready to gab).

Pace yourself. When there’s a party, there’s alcohol, so be mindful of how much you drink, especially around your supervisors. It’s no secret that alcohol lowers our inhibitions, and a work setting is the last place you’d want to say or do anything inappropriate that you’d regret come Monday.

Dress festively (but tastefully). It’s always fun to dress up for a themed party, from ugly sweaters to a full green get-up for Irish luck, but keep in mind that your attire should still be appropriate for a work function.

Share mindfully on social media. While you may be tempted to share some fun-filled Instagram Stories from the party, be mindful of your colleagues and sharing photos or videos that they may not want posted, especially if they’re candid shots. Also, be sure to not inadvertently share photos or videos that have any kind of sensitive company info visible in the background (think whiteboards, computer screens, etc.)

Show some thanks. Be sure to thank the events manager or whoever put the party together, as these kinds of events take a great deal of planning and preparation to put it all together.

Above all, show up and engage in some lighthearted fun with your colleagues, and be respectful of your company and the time and resources that went into putting this enjoyable event together. Happy Spring!