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Coaching and

Inclusion, Diversity and
Belonging (IDB) Strategy,
Training & Coaching

Defining IDB

Diversity is acknowledging our differences and celebrating how that makes us unique. It’s about recognizing that different groups have been marginalized and their experience has not been the same as ours.

Inclusion is leveraging our differences for good. We give everyone a chance at a fair and consistent experience.

Belonging is about not just being included, but truly feeling like you can contribute in a positive way.

These are all different pieces to the employee experience, but combined, can create a culture where everyone succeeds.

IDB Strategy

We help organizations design practical solutions for their particular inclusion, diversity, and belonging challenges. From building balanced teams to leveraging the differences of the team to drive innovation. This means spending time interviewing teams, using an engagement survey & other employee data, and learning about the current culture of the team. We ask the right questions to understand what it’s really like to work at your organization. Bringing all of this together and working with the leadership team, we make recommendations that are practical. We implement these solutions together.

IDB Executive Coaching

Our team trains groups on how to build an inclusive culture. Workshops include blocking bias, cultural awareness, and inclusive leadership, to name a few.

If you need an engaging speaker for your conference, our founder, Katee will deliver. Katee offers insights into topics ranging from being a stellar HR practitioner, how to earn your seat at the table and make an impact, driving inclusive cultures, delivering a diversity & inclusion strategy, and how to set goals to win at work and in life.

IDB Training & Speaking

We coach executives to find practical solutions that enable them to build, lead, and inspire diverse and innovative teams. We have worked with leadership teams in finance, medical and retail to make changes that improve the culture and drive better business results.


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