We coach executives to find practical solutions
that enable them to build, lead and inspire
diverse and innovative teams.

We work with you to truly understand where you are today and what your organization needs to thrive. We then build a custom executive coaching program to take your organization to the next level.

Executives share that VH Included’s delivery is life changing and inspiring and the results are real. We drive real behavioral change and results.

We help executives understand the landscape of diverse teams and how to leverage people’s differences to improve outcomes.

Roundtables/ feedback sessions, demographic data, culture sessions. We want to understand the real story of where you are today. We will discover core cultural truths so you know what’s strong and what’s missing in your culture.

We start with the basics of how to think and talk about inclusion, diversity, and belonging. Then we work with individual executives to understand their own biases and how to block bias during everyday interactions with employees and teams.

We know we all have bias. Our inherent and acquired diversity informs how we act. By understanding our own bias and creating  awareness we hope to block this bias and create a truly inclusive environment where each team member can thrive.

During our time together, executives will come to understand their impact on creating the right culture where everyone feels valued.

Executive Coaching on IDB

Personal Development & Leadership

Once client know their goals, it’s about what action they are willing to take. We push clients and hold them accountable to create an even better life for themselves, their teams, and their families.


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