We are changing the world by creating awareness of the need for inclusion, diversity, and belonging in organizations- from building balanced teams to leveraging the differences of the team to drive innovation, retention and bottom line results.

About Katee Van Horn

Katee is a former VP of Engagement & Inclusion for a Fortune 500 company. She focuses on diversity & inclusion strategies that help organizations leverage the diversity and innovation of their people. She knows IDB isn’t just a “check the box” activity and delivers real results.

1. Deliberate

Katee understands that inclusion, diversity, and belonging is the right thing to do. Having facilitated IDB initiatives at some of the largest companies in the world, Katee can show you that IDB is a business imperative that impacts your bottom line. She focuses on the bigger picture first, then drills into the logistics to help you get results.

2. Trustworthy

Trusting your partner as you build your inclusion, diversity, and belonging strategy gives you a sense of relief. Katee will partner with you and bring you along on the journey to equitable, balanced teams delivering amazing results.

3. Expert

Katee has 20+ years of experience in business, human resources, communications and brand to build the best solutions for you and your teams. She believes in the concept that “rising tides lift all boats” so she shares what she knows to increase everyone’s knowledge.

4. Practical

Katee knows these topics can be daunting and intimidating. Where do you start? She takes a very practical approach looking at what already exists and thinking in terms of budget to leverage what’s already there. This includes things like getting better engagement with technology and activating employees in a way that’s genuine and sustainable.

5. Fearless  

This work requires hard and uncomfortable conversations but that does not mean they have to feel unsafe or threatening. Being fearless to Katee means being willing to try new things, being transparent about learning and simply walking the walk. Telling truth to power is critical.  We believe in truth with empathy, not scare tactics.

Our Stories

Katee’s Story

Learning Through Storytelling

Growing up, my parents were both teachers. Every summer, they would pile us seven kids into the van and drive. I visited 31 of the 50 states before my 10th birthday. Back in the early 80’s, there were no Google maps or even cell phones to help us navigate so we got lost A LOT!

Every time we lost our way, and even when we were found, we met people and saw places that were completely different from our small town in Ohio.

Through each of these experiences we heard stories. From the stories told through dance by the Navajo tribes in Arizona, to the history of the slave quarters at Monticello, and of course the smallest of small towns in Van Horn, Texas. All the stories we learned through these trips brought a love of storytelling and learning.

Storytelling and learning continued to be a part of my life and that is what I  do in this work. When we get to know each other, through stories and being open to learn, we grow.

What We Do

We help global companies write their story through inclusion and belonging strategies. We lead them to learn why a more diverse culture makes for a better team- which leads to innovation and better bottom line results.

How We Do It

We believe in meeting people where they are and asking questions to create more dialogue and a growth mindset. By quickly assessing what’s realistic, we can identify small tweaks that are accessible and practical but make a huge impact.


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