Katee delivers practical, inspiring training and
speaking programs that will help you build balanced
and effective teams.

We work with your teams to truly understand your needs to create a custom training program or speaker presentation. Whether on an ongoing basis or for a single event, participants tell us that us delivery is inspiring and life and business changing.

We train teams on how to build inclusive cultures.

Workshops include blocking bias, cultural awareness, and inclusive leadership.

We won’t just give you recommendations and walk away. We work with HR and learning teams to make the training real for the entire employee population.

We walk you through scenarios to make sure that team members feel comfortable with the content and can implement what they learned into their workday.



If you are looking for an engaging speaker for your conference or event, Katee Van Horn will deliver.

We inspire real change with insights into topics ranging from:

  • Being a stellar HR practitioner
  • How to earn your seat at the table and make an impact
  • Driving inclusive cultures,
  • Allyship, anti-bullying, harassment-free workplaces
  • How to set goals to win at work and in life

Retained services include: Helping you select IDB technologies, develop and run pilots, design custom training and webinar series among other things.

Workshop Examples

Leading Inclusive Teams Workshop
(For Leaders)

  • Defining IDB 
  • Building & leading diverse teams where everyone can thrive 
  • Understanding micro-inequities and bias 
  • Allies & Sponsors

Inclusive Policies and Procedures Workshop
(For HR)

  • Review current policies for bias 
  • Determine blocking bias mechanisms for cyclical processes 
  • Facilitate training for leaders / team members on new processes

Creating a Respectful Workplace
(For Employees)

  • Defining IDB 
  • Understanding bias and team dynamics 
  • Responsible bystanders 
  • Anti-harassment
  • Anti-bullying


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