Calvin and Hobbes is still one of my favorite comic strips. One of the collections that Bill Watterson published was, The Days are Just Packed. It was all about the adventures that Calvin and his best friend and stuffed tiger Hobbes got into. This phrase, the days are just packed keeps repeating in my head. I think about how the first couple months of being a small business owner have been. The days are just PACKED! I knew it was going to be busy but this has been insane! In the most positive and exciting way of course.
I was worried that I would be slow getting started. Fortunately, I have been blessed with a couple great clients who are keeping me hopping. I must say, the days are just packed.
For anyone in diversity and inclusion, the days are just packed too. Every time I turn around there is another layer to D&I or a new topic that comes up on how to build an inclusive culture. To keep up, every organization has to commit to being a place where folks can flourish. Culture can no longer be a matter of chance and crossing our fingers. Companies have to think about the experience of the employee.
Right now, the way I am thinking about my work is how to shift conversations at companies. Diversity and inclusion are no longer only a nice to have. D & I are a business imperative. Culture is king. We need to make sure our employees can come to work, be themselves, and do the best work of their lives. This is how companies will see great bottom line results.
The future of work is all about driving different perspectives. We need to provide experiences where people can use their imaginations. Calvin was able to bring a stuffed tiger to life. A tiger that became a fierce and loyal friend. If we have this type of imagination with our employees, think about the innovation it will drive. It will mean that for every company, the days are just packed