“Hello Humans!” This is how my favorite conference starts every year. I have been asked why WorkHuman is the best business conference. Notice I said business conference, not HR conference. There are a ton of reasons, which I will get into in future posts but the most important one is The People of WorkHuman.



One reason I love this conference is that I get to see some of my favorite HR people- both new friends and ones I have known a while. These are people that I respect and admire. I watch them from afar throughout the year, since this conference is usually the only time I see them. The best is when I get to meet someone IRL that I have not met before, other than over social media.



The connections aren’t just with folks I already know though. All of the connections grow throughout the conference as I build my community. WorkHuman has done an amazing job of creating places where you are able to interact and meet new people. During the sessions you may sit by some folks you know, but you can also engage with new folks. Whether you are waiting in line for tchotchkes or a breakout session, people always engage with each other. It is amazing! I am also always pleasantly surprised when you walk through the conference center and everyone you pass says “hello”. This is the culture of WorkHuman.


And speaking of the culture of WorkHuman, another reason I love this conference is all about our differences. Most conferences feel like there is a certain “type” they are inviting who fits a mold, but not WorkHuman. This year I met people from all over the U.S. and EMEA and reconnected with some friends from LATAM. People from every industry come to learn and engage on topics that impact their company. People of different backgrounds and beliefs. People that like to learn from others and build their community. People that understand they don’t know everything. People who are doing their best to be more aware and open to listening. The diversity shows up on stage too, which really makes everyone feel like they belong here.
I love the people of WorkHuman and I cannot be more proud to be one of them! #inclusionmatters