*This week, the Inclusion, Diversity & Belonging (IDB) technology I’m taking a look at is Translator.

4 Questions each time:

1.    Can I easily understand this product based on the website and social sites?

2.    Is the focus Inclusion, Diversity or Belonging?

3.    What caught my eye?

4.    What business problem is it trying to solve?

Can I easily understand this product based on the website and social sites?

Yes (Founder Natalie readily admits that social has lately taken a back seat to getting their client work done!)

Website: https://translator.company/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/translatorcompany/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/translator-llc/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/translatorco

Recent news:


Is the focus Inclusion, Diversity or Belonging?


What caught my eye?

The founder/technology combo here is out of the ordinary. Having started and run PeopleLinx, Translator founder Natalie has acquired deep expertise in creating platforms that inspire users to change behaviors or take specific actions. Her lived experience as a transgender woman adds a level of depth and authenticity to the product that shows in terms of things like user experience and the company’s goal to “create empathy at scale.

What business problem is it trying to solve?

Founder Natalie Egan says the big vision is to use technology to help us understand ourselves better which can ultimately lead to to equality for all.  How? Simply put, the Translator platform helps organizations take the guesswork out of D&I strategy by providing data to guide and shape it. Users engage anonymously through the Translator platform, going through simulations like the “Walk of Privilege” and “Stereotype Masks.” The anonymized feedback generated can give organizations a more accurate picture of who they really are, culturally. The data also reveals what specific D&I challenges companies have, in order to help them get real about what needs to be done and activate more surgical solutions.

Bonus: The ROI is front and center: Translator aims to measure progress and provide actionable recommendations based on increases in: 1) Self-awareness 2) Group awareness and 3) Organizational awareness

*Reminder: I am not an analyst and this is not a product review or endorsement. It’s a few quick thoughts about something I think is worth watching in the emerging category of IDB tech.