*This week, the Inclusion, Diversity & Belonging (IDB) technology I’m taking a look at is Crescendo.

4 Questions each time:

1.    Can I easily understand this product based on the website and social sites?

2.    Is the focus Inclusion, Diversity or Belonging?

3.    What caught my eye?

4.    What business problem is it trying to solve?

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Can I easily understand this product based on the website and social sites?

Yes (even better than just reading about it, you can try it for yourself by signing up on the website)









Is the focus Inclusion, Diversity or Belonging?

Inclusion (while an argument could be made for all three, this seems the strongest)

What Caught my Eye?

Crescendo delivers micro-learnings inside of Slack which makes it easy to implement, use and understand…no new tool to learn! The level of customization is impressive. This is not a one-size-fits-all solution, it is designed to meet each person where they are and gives users lots of ways to decide what is best for them. Users can tailor a variety of things, including: what level of understanding you have about Diversity & Inclusion (D&I), what topics interest you, when you want weekly content delivered (day and time), and whether you prefer articles, videos, or both. It also lets users give feedback on the content anonymously, and offers them “actionable tips” along with the content so users can choose to also DO something.

What business problem is it trying to solve?

Cofounder Stefan Kollenberg emphasizes that Crescendo aims to help practitioners measure D&I impact in ways that go beyond engagement surveys. It captures data about actual behavioral change, and actions employees take to build more inclusive cultures. It is designed to be an accessible, scalable solution that allows large organizations to deliver resonant content that leads to meaningful data and culture change.


The discussion guidelines offered in their Slack “Crescendo Discussion” channel are really useful for life in general: 1) Ask questions before making statements 2) Keep your comments focused on your own experience 3) If your heart rate is elevated, wait to respond or talk face-to-face.

*Reminder: I am not an analyst and this is not a product review or endorsement. It’s a few quick thoughts about something I think is worth watching in the emerging category of IDB tech.