*This week, the Inclusion, Diversity & Belonging (IDB) technology I’m taking a look at is Aleria.

4 Questions each time:

1.    Can I easily understand this product based on the website and social sites?

2.    Is the focus Inclusion, Diversity or Belonging?

3.    What caught my eye?

4.    What business problem is it trying to solve?

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Can I easily understand this product based on the website and social sites?














Tedx Talk:


Is the focus Inclusion, Diversity or Belonging?


What Caught my Eye?

Understanding the impact of being reactive (as opposed to proactive) about Inclusion, Diversity and Belonging issues can be challenging and Aleria uses behavioral sciences and computer simulations to help visualize potential impacts. For example, they created a memorable simulation to show how a company that starts as balanced can, over 5 years of slight gender bias in promotion, end-up male-dominated. Aleria posits this can take as much as 20 years to correct.

(If you have a moment, let the below GIF load to see how gender bias takes over.)

What business problem is it trying to solve?

Aleria is out to measure inclusion. According to cofounder Lisa Magill, they are on a mission to change the way business leaders think about IDB and what they do about it, helping them to build a strong business case for IDB initiatives. Aleria offers Inclusion Assessments which use a framework for quantifying inclusion that has 9 components, things like access and participation, career opportunities and workplace interactions. The idea is to uncover your organization’s particular inclusion challenges to avoid a one-size-fits-all approach.


Aleria has a robust newsletter (a product in and of itself!) that is not just curated but researched and verified…they stand behind the information shared  https://aleria.tech/newsletter

*Reminder: I am not an analyst and this is not a product review or endorsement. It’s a few quick thoughts about something I think is worth watching in the emerging category of IDB tech.