*This week, the Inclusion, Diversity & Belonging (IDB) technology I’m taking a look at is Kikupal.

4 Questions each time:

1.    Can I easily understand this product based on the website and social sites?

2.    Is the focus Inclusion, Diversity or Belonging?

3.    What caught my eye?

4.    What business problem is it trying to solve?

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Can I easily understand this product based on the website and social sites?












Is the focus Inclusion, Diversity or Belonging?


What Caught my Eye?

KikuPal Founder, Naomi Bourgeois, lost her husband when she was only 32 and found her herself raising two small children alone. She left her career as an engineer to start KikuPal, hoping to change the way people give and receive support while navigating loss and difficult situations. “Kiku” means “listening” in Japanese and this technology is designed to help employers “listen” to their employees and show up when needed. It gives the employee a voice, so they can determine what type of help they need, as well as when and how they need it.

What business problem is it trying to solve?

Supporting employees through difficult situations (death, illness, divorce, injury, new parenthood, elder care) is something most organizations struggle with yet, according to Bourgeois, 1 in 4 employees is experiencing a significant, life-changing event. KikuPal is a B2B platform that helps companies provide employees with a “standard and equality of care” when they experience a loss or life event, potentially improving employee experience overall. The platform allows companies to offer much more than cards, flowers, or paid time off. Employees get “KikuPoints” they can easily redeem through the platform for practical things like meals, rides, lawn care, house cleaning, and even concierge services.


Often the personal networks of support disappear shortly after a life event occurs and employees are left struggling when they need help most. KikuPal aims to fill that gap, giving employees longer-term support.

*Reminder: I am not an analyst and this is not a product review or endorsement. It’s a few quick thoughts about something I think is worth watching in the emerging category of IDB tech.