*This week, the Inclusion, Diversity & Belonging (IDB) technology I’m taking a look at is Grove.

4 Questions each time:

1.    Can I easily understand this product based on the website and social sites?

2.    Is the focus Inclusion, Diversity or Belonging?

3.    What caught my eye?

4.    What business problem is it trying to solve?

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Can I easily understand this product based on the website and social sites?




Is the focus Inclusion, Diversity or Belonging?


What Caught my Eye?

Among other things, Grove provides employees with better line of sight into all the employee experience opportunities their organizations offer, protecting them from being unintentionally excluded. Designed with enterprise-level companies in mind, Grove is a platform that shows employees all of the opportunities they have to engage with others to strengthen their sense of connectedness. It offers a way to foster grassroots initiatives created organically based on what employees themselves need and want. Not only can employees see all of their options at once on a dashboard, they can also leave feedback, participate in polls and suggest activities and experiences (in-person or virtual).

What business problem is it trying to solve?

According to cofounder Chris Allsop, the long-term benefit of Grove is to provide organizations with quantifiable increases in retention and engagement by facilitating and nurturing a meaningful sense of belonging at scale. The platform gives companies a way to build, manage and measure employee experience. Grove lets organizations see what’s resonating with employees by tracking engagement in order to determine how best to allocate budgets and uncover opportunities to be more inclusive by “diagnosing detachment.” Grove integrates with HRIS systems, Slack, calendars and other tools making adoption and workflow easier.


The Grove platform may be uniquely positioned to solve some of the employee experience challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic—like feelings of isolation due to remote work and shelter at home mandates—by easily and quickly providing employees with real-time visibility into all the ways they can interact and giving them a place to suggest activities/experiences they need most to build community remotely.

*Reminder: I am not an analyst and this is not a product review or endorsement. It’s a few quick thoughts about something I think is worth watching in the emerging category of IDB tech.